The tradition of painting clowns faces on chicken eggs, was started by Stan Built around 1946. He was a great circus and clown enthusiastic and the Founder of The International Circus Clowns Club, now Clowns International. Over years he followed many circuses around the country recording the faces of hundreds of clowns. What started as a hobby, grew into a huge display! The collection which he kept and painted at home in North London, became very famous nationwide. He occasionally loaned them out on show. One big event they appeared at was the 1951 Centenary Exhibition, which ran for a year. The collection continued to be displayed after Stans death in 1966. Sadly, many eggs were broken beyond repair in an accident after one such exhibition. In 1984 Clown Bluey, Chairman of Clowns International resurrected the tradition of recording members’ faces on eggs. Professional artists were employed to paint the new register on china-pot eggs this time, so they will now last for ever. The egg artists use cuttings from costume and wigs to create 3D portraitures in miniature. Many of Stans lost eggs have been re-made from archive photos, with new eggs/clowns frequently being added to this unique collection, now the largest in the world!
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The Clown Egg Collection
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