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Though out 2018, under the banner of Circus 250, a programme of UK-wide exhibitions and events took place to celebrate 250 years since the first circus was performed in 1768, on the site of Waterloo Station by entrepreneur Philip Astley.
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CLOWNS, The Eggs-Hibition. 29th Sept – 6th January 2019 In collaboration with the Clowns Gallery-Museum, The Bristol Museum designed a fantastic exhibition, celebrating the history of clowning though the ages. Featuring the complete Clown Egg Collection, alongside many pictures and costumes from our archive. With workshops, talks and a play and dress up area for children to enjoy
THE GRUNDY ART GALLERY, BLACKPOOL 14th July – 8th September 2018 The Grundy Art Gallery exhibition featured many of the photos from the Clown Egg Register Book, alongside some of the eggs from our collection. They also displayed a great variety of circus posters, props and clown costumes.
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