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Grimaldi Church Service
Clowns from around the country, gather each year to remember Joseph Grimaldi 1778 -1837, considered to be the father of the modern day clown. At the annual Grimaldi Church Service, which now takes place on the first Sunday in February from 3pm. at All Saints Church, Livermere Road, Haggerston, London E8. Grimaldi was so popular as a harlequin dress clown, he become known throughout the clowning fraternity as 'Joey' a name by which all clowns are still known today. Grimaldi was the first to use the make up to extenuate his facial expressions. He was an actor/clown in the theatre, never working in circus. Sadly his career was cut short due to illness and retired early. He is buried in the old St. James Church yard in Pentonville Road. Islington, now called Joseph Grimaldi Park. Where some clowns gather on the 31st of May each year to lay a wreath at his grave.
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