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since the dawning of mankind. throughout the world and throughout time, clowns have played a vital role in the human condition. Humour and laughter are universally acknowledged as healthy. healing, and essential to the well-being of the human psyche.
The desirability and importance of "good spirits" has been independently recognised by every culture. As societies developed. the need to ritualise resulted in formal clowning around at specific times. This in turn created a need for official figures of fun and leaders of the revels - the comic forerunners of the Jesters, Harlequins, Pierrots, Clowns and Augustes of this millennium.
The Clowns Gallery and Museum with it's Archives is founded in the European   traditions of the last two hundred years, with a thriving contemporary section.
All the acquisitions have been given or donated on permanent loan. And the space staffed and maintained by volunteers, many of whom are also full-time clowns.