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The tradition began in the U.K. around 1946 at what was then the
International Circus Clowns Club but is now called Clowns
A member named Stan Bult started recording clown images on
chicken eggs with the insides blown out. It started as a hobby,
and, like many hobbies, it just grew. Mr. Bult kept his collection
at home, occasionally loaning it out for show, such as at the
1951 Centenary Exhibition of the Crystal Palace.
The collection continued to be lent out after Mr. Bult's death but
sadly most of the eggs were thought to be destroyed in an
accident at one such exhibit.
Clown Bluey became chairman of Clowns International in 1984 and resurrected Mr. Bult's practice of recording clown
members' faces on eggs. This time a professional artist was used and the faces were painted on china-pot eggs instead of
chicken eggs. Over the years, many of the lost older eggs have been reproduced, and new eggs are added frequently.
According to Clowns International, "The eggs are not just a record of the clown's facial makeup, but an actual portraiture in miniature." In
addition to paint, the artist uses samples of the clown's costume material and wig-hair to produce an eggs-act match.
Now the eggs are split into 2 exhibits the largest one being at Wookey Hole and a smaller one containing some of Stan Bult’s originals
housed at the Clowns’ Church in Dalston E8.
The Gallery & Museum housed here is open to the public on the first Friday of the month (12.00pm - 5pm) and at other times by
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